the ideal solution is the lesser celandine. Add 0.5 liters of vodka (or 250 milliliters of alcohol) per liter of juice. Japan argues drink per hour. 20 minutes before eating L, three times a day. plant tissue is vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A - rich chemical composition of the organic compound. They are, metabolic processes, hematopoiesis, affect the condition of the biological immunity, you have a high biological activity. It can be found in almost all plants, with a small amount of vitamins, celebrex some of them, is a good source of information for the body of vitamins, is particularly rich in it. During the meal thoroughly chew your food - these are:. Hip, includes viburnum, mountain ash, walnut shells, nettle, yarrow, cabbage and the like. Colour therapy. Black, a combination of blue and green color, lower blood pressure, slow heart rate. An experienced doctor will recommend repeat of such an agent 50 grams of horse chestnut flower, it is 7 days, 0.5 liters of vodka., Malachite essentially absorbs Yin and cast negative processes in the body, the main purpose as a stone to create a physical and emotional harmony in the body processor. In practice, especially appreciated healing Indian green light blue and malachite, which acts as a unit with the blue copper (azurite). It is used to carry ajña ( "third eye") of which have been achieved by scanning the subconscious resentment, anxiety, fears and worries. In the east and west Lithotherapy today that he believes useful in heart cost of nexium disease malachite and improves the function of the pancreas and spleen, promotes tissue regeneration, and calms the nervous system, beneficial effects on the pituitary gland and Pineal gland. According to some American researchers, malachite is a good example of sredstvom.Luchshim anti-radiation is a myth "snake stone". In many folk tales expressed the idea that once gems eliminates one of the heads of snakes and dragons. This was the reason to believe that diamonds are toxic and found again in the mouth of the serpent.