Boil for 10 minutes at low temperature, or better water neck bane.Eroziya more important and complex task cosmetology - for transporting active substances cosmetic agent to the dermal layer of the skin. To this, it is to destroy the lipid layer, the adhesive flakes corneas of the epidermis, forming the body armor and withstand pathogens harmful radiation, changes in temperature, dry air, and so soon. D. to dissolve the lipids in cosmetic preparations as fat added surfactant compounds (surfactants) which acts how much lamictal on the principle of washing powder. Dissolving lipids and the pathway opening in the dermis of the active substances, surfactants disrupt the epidermal barrier while unidirectional bacteria open. Furthermore, surfactants act negatively on the cellular lipids, which are composed of cytomembranes. All this can cause malignant tumors.Blood heart moves only in one direction. According to the bloodstream, the right side from the left side of the heart (left atrium and left ventricle) and compact - the right to the left.